I’m back!!!

So, I am writing to you from my public school class, Mrs. Calle’s. I miss you guys! Shout out to Nancy!!!!!!!   To Elisha: I miss Writer’s Workshop!!!!   To Andrew and Tessa: Y’all are the best!!!!! To Ayan: You are super funny! To Ari: I wish i were there you, you are a little princess!  To Tomis: You helped me learn so much! Thanks! To Lib: You were a person I could always trust. Thank you for being there for me! To Alona: You helped me learn correct grammar, which (drumroll) Got ,me stait A’s!!! Love, Izzy 


Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you guys what I did this week. As many of you may know, people went to DC from alc mosaic in charlotte, So I went to roots for Tuesday, Wensday, and Thursday.

This week I :

  1. Made hula hoops
  2. Made a hanger for my room by drilling nails into painted wood.
  3. Played with Elle
  4. Talked with Lacy
  5. Talked with  Amber
  6. Played with baby Lola (not the dog).
  8. MInecraft

That is it so bye and peace out!  

weekly blog: AWESOME edition

Hello, guys! Today was pretty cool so if you wanna know what ‘pretty cool’ means, this is what you are looking for! Down below is a list of the things I did this today:

  1. tech
  2. butt massage
  3. that’s it!

makeup reviews

hey guys! so these are the best makeup peices, in my opinion. let’s get started!

for creams/face powders:

Maybelline dream pure bb cream

Maybelline fit me matte pressed powder; medium beige

bareminerals liquid foundation; medium beige

bareminerals advanced glow powder

for blush/bronzer:

lunastar mineral blush

bareminerals loose powder blush; precious pearl

bareminerals bronzer; warmth and sunny

for eyeshadow pallets:

tarte pallets pink and silver

bareminerals loose eyeshadows

for lips:

revlon super lustrous lipstick; fushia shock

Movie on 3-31-16 at 9.14 AM


Get them for:

  • small: $1.00
  • medium: $2.00
  • big: $3.00

En espanol

Hola Todos! soy Isa y esta semana yo:

  1. Hice 45 minutos de tecnologia.
  2. Fui en una caminata de una hora.
  3. Hice grupos de maniana y tarde.

Y eso es todo! Mua, Isa!

The luck of pots (potluck). Don’t ask me why I wrote that.

Okay so, this week I:


  1. I made face masks with Kate.
  2. Failed making diy eos. (egg shaped chapsticks that stand for evolution of smooth).
  3. Played on tech.
  4. played with Tessa 
  5. Played with Kate
  6. Painted
  7. Failed at painting necklace beads
  8. Bought a crop top (a shirt that shows your belly).
  9. got a weird massage by Louisa ( it was weird ’cause she got on top of my back and butt it was WEIRD).
  10. played Dixit with Tessa, Melissa,Alona,Elisha and Liberty.
  11. did the Target crazy clothes game with kate ( you go to target or any other department store with your friend and an adult and then you and you friend(s) go and get the craziest outfit and decide who is the craziest).
  12. I ate jell-o (natural).
  13. played ghost with kate
  14. talked with Tessa 
  15. played truth or dare (i got a dare that was ‘go hug all the boys in this certain room.’ So i hugged 3 boys).
  16. said bye to you guys. BYE!


so this week I had fun.. i really liked hibernating exept for the part where Jackson made fun of my cinderella sleeping bag that i’ve had since I was 4.  He is VERY mean. I thimk he has a problem. no offense, Jackson. well, i’m going to Amelie’s so, bye!


Hey guys! it’s me, Izzy! here are the things I did last week / this week!

  1. I made lipstick W/ kate made with non-toxic crayola crayons and coconut oil.
  2. Play with my dog, churro
  3. listen to music!

that’s it!