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Hey everyone! Today is TGIF Friday day:) I forgot to Blog on Friday but here is your 6:27 pm Sunday Blog, I guess!

So today I went to Liberty  and Elisha’s B – day Party! I could not sleep over, because of ballet. It was 4 hours long just for me , without sleeping there! wow, that was long! so, we got them both 20$ barnes & noble gift cards, Louisa got a 15$ target gift card, Amelia got a doh vinci play dough kit & someone got a selfie stick!

love and peace,

Izzy :)!

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  1. Louisa says:

    The party escalated at about 9:30 because we played a truth or dare game and I dared someone to pick their nose. Also something I`m going to tell you later if I have the chance. We also put on a play that was really boring and it had no point……. but it was fun kind of. Tessa was sitting in a spin chair playing dumb ways to die. I was being hyperactive and stuff. Pretty much a normal sleepover.


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