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sorry everybody!

Hello! I am sorry that I haven’t written in a few weeks! LOL

I have been too busy to blog with nutcracker rehearsals 

Ok on to the blog. 

well this week I did computer time, I played with my besties, I saw the Coraline play, I Just randomly played and yeah.


Coraline: A very creepy play, also has book and movie, Play was totally different than movie, movie was totally different than play and book, and was very confusing when the “other mother” sang “falling” while the lights were flashing like CRAZY!

Besties: definition for best friend in modern languge, btw, mine are Lib, Tess, Kate, Elisha, Louisa, Lola the dog, Sary, and Samirah.

Computer time: Are you kidding me? you need to go back to shcool!!!!!!!!!!

Love, izzy


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