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So this week I did:

  1. Read ever after high
  2. Ren festival planning FAIL
  3. Play with girls
  4. Do hand stands
  5. Amy Steinberg performance
  6. Technology
  7. Breathe
  8. Play with Lola the dog
  9. Eat lunch
  10. read a book called 5,000 awesome facts about everything with Tessa
  11. Build block structures with Louisa & Tessa
  12. Get a massage by Liberty
  13. Play goat simulator on Louisa’s I pad
  14. hang out with Tessa
  15. LOVE

So here is a list of something else:

This week I felt exited abut the offerings from myself and others at set the week: Somewhat true

this week I went to all the offerings I committed to: not true

This week I felt like I was able to help solve important problems at change up:somewhat true

I feel like I did my best this week to be kind to others: True

I feel like I did my best this week to learn or do things that I’m interested in doing: somewhat true

thanks for reading my blog! love, Izzy! 

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