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The luck of pots (potluck). Don’t ask me why I wrote that.

Okay so, this week I:


  1. I made face masks with Kate.
  2. Failed making diy eos. (egg shaped chapsticks that stand for evolution of smooth).
  3. Played on tech.
  4. played with Tessa 
  5. Played with Kate
  6. Painted
  7. Failed at painting necklace beads
  8. Bought a crop top (a shirt that shows your belly).
  9. got a weird massage by Louisa ( it was weird ’cause she got on top of my back and butt it was WEIRD).
  10. played Dixit with Tessa, Melissa,Alona,Elisha and Liberty.
  11. did the Target crazy clothes game with kate ( you go to target or any other department store with your friend and an adult and then you and you friend(s) go and get the craziest outfit and decide who is the craziest).
  12. I ate jell-o (natural).
  13. played ghost with kate
  14. talked with Tessa 
  15. played truth or dare (i got a dare that was ‘go hug all the boys in this certain room.’ So i hugged 3 boys).
  16. said bye to you guys. BYE!

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