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Note From Nancy

Isabella, I have loved having you in my Spawn Point this year. You are a dear friend to me and I love and respect you so much. You have matured and grown a lot and I see you learning how to balance your strong will with also listening to others and trying out something new or differently than what you want. You have been excited to talk about your goals and dreams this year, and you happily try out some different reflection activities I’ve asked you to do. 

As your friendship with Louisa grew, you started to be a little silly in Spawn, but after I talked to you about this you tried harder to focus and respect the Spawn space. I love seeing you make a new friend and have such a great time, and I also ask you to not let this stop you from learning new skills or topics that you want to learn. I want to see you encouraging yourself and your friends to remember that what you learn and do at school is your responsibility. I think it’s important to take that ownership model how to self-direct your education to others. 

So I hope that you’ll try out some of the ideas I mentioned above, or think of some on your own! When I get back from my trip I’ll be reading The Art of Self-Directed Education with Louisa and anyone else who wants to listen. I hope you’ll join us as I think the book gives lots of ideas for how to take your education into your own hands. 

You are beam of light in my life and I see you as so empowered. You take charge of your life already and I see how you encourage others to do so too. If other people are in a conflict you try to help them see each other’s perspective, and I also see you trying to help a person see their own responsibility in the matter! You know how to own your own part of conflicts and you will also apologize when needed. I can’t tell you enough how incredible that is and how mature that is. You are an amazing person and I love you so much! 


Things I’ve Seen You Doing:

  • Shopping & planning with snack team every week
  • Sewing 
  • Building fairy/frog villages in the forest at Latta 
  • Participating in Spawn Point activities and trying out some new things I suggest (thanks!)
  • Helping others resolve conflicts
  • Comforting friends and helping them feel empowered to change the way they feel (emotionally or physically)
  • Making a new friend (Louisa)
  • Hanging out with Louisa and watching videos or playing videogames
  • Participating in Psychology Crash Course
  • Helping clean up and take care of the school
  • Trying out fieldtrips and taking more opportunities to go out into the world and explore with the school (like the trips to Latta, Carolina History Museum, Romare Bearden Park)
  • Starting Theater Class – even though it’s directed perhaps more than you like! You are sticking with it. 
  • Playing outside with friends – Capture the Flag a lot
  • Helping a visiting week student feel comfortable and safe at school
  • Doing art projects at school like the paper and wooden mandalas

Ideas for Growth

  • Look up recipes and ask the snack team or the finance kids club to help pay for things you could cook with friends at school. 
  • Have a friend film you cooking and post a video of it on your blog as a way to see if you want to start your own cooking show.
  • Bring your Spanish Math book to school and teach Louisa Spanish by working on problems together.
  • Make plays in Spanish that you and Louisa can perform and then have someone film it to post to both of your blogs.
  • Try out some courses on Kahn Academy on your own or with a friend. 
  • Take time each week to pursue your interests – balance playing & hanging out with something that challenges and engages your mind.